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Visitors & Family - Blood Bank and Donation


The Blood Bank, equipped with modern medical apparatus, is functional all through the year and has 24/7 Blood Donor Services; like

  • Donor Blood Collection
  • Blood Component Therapy
  • Collection Apheresis
  • Therapeutic Apheresis
  • Autologous Blood Transfusion

Kohinoor Hospital lays great emphasis on quality control, as prescribed by the Indian regulatory authority and international standards of safety.

It aims at sustaining quality care while being cost-effective and staying abreast with the latest technologies, methodologies and regulations.

The hospital uses advanced techniques for processing and screening of blood and its components. The staff are not only well trained, but also receive Continuous Medical Education (CME) as per hospital policy.

Kohinoor Hospital accepts blood from voluntary blood donors and a patient’s relative or friend. It aims at meeting the exact requirement of blood within the hour of need.

For Blood Bank and Donation at Kohinoor Hospital Mumbai, India; call (91-22) 6755 6737