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Effective treatment begins with the right diagnostics. Kohinoor Hospital is fully equipped with Advanced technologies and medical devices.

Cath Lab 

The Cardiac Cath Lab is equipped with a digital flat panel Axiom Artis Zee. The floor-mounted system features a flat detector and enables easy patient access. The new imaging chain enables a new real-time processing algorithm that improves cardiac image quality significantly, even under difficult circumstances. CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Radiation Exposure) package reduces the radiation dose for patients and the clinical team, while still providing high image quality and diagnostic confidence. IC Stent is a processing package that enhances the visibility of the deployed stent. 


This department is equipped with the MP15, a digital X-ray unit, which ensures the least possible exposure to radiation and superior image quality. The X-ray unit is equipped with fluoroscopy and high frequency mobile X-rays. 

MRI Scan

The Imaging Department is equipped with a 1.5T MRI unit, Magnetom Essenza that has Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) technology, which makes the repositioning of patients virtually unnecessary and inline technology which reduces the post processing. There by reducing the overall examination and post processing time. A virtually zero helium boil off magnet which forms the core of the machine thereby maximising uptime. The magnet has an ultra short Bore depth reducing the claustrophobic effect to the patient.

CT Scan

The Imaging Department is equipped with a 16 slice C.T unit, Somatom Emotion that has UFC (Ultra Fast Ceramic) detector design, which delivers exceptional images while maintaining minimum dose. CARE Dose4D™, fully automated dose management, reduces dose to a minimum while maintaining maximum image quality. The unit has a unique Cardiac package enabling it to also carry out cardiac studies.

Orthopantomogram (OPG)

The radiology dept. is equipped with Planmeca Proline XC that allows the selection of the correct exposure format, minimising the radiation dose for all types of patients and diagnostic purposes. The unit is equipped with Sinus program which has a specially designed image layer, which results in a radiograph with a clear view of the maxillary sinuses. The side entry and the open positioning concept minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, one of the most frequent reasons for failed radiographs. 


This department is equipped with Voluson 730 PRO 4D Ultrasound System. It marks a new dimension in obstetric imaging. It features advanced signal features processing, which produces higher quality ultrasound images. But what makes the system unique is exclusive 4D technology.

Imaging Solutions with VOLUSON 730 PRO

  • Determining fetal age
  • Analyzing fetal development
  • Evaluating multiple and/or high risk pregnancies
  • Detecting fetal abnormalities
  • Detecting structural problem with uterus

LED Surgical Lights

The Operation Theatres are equipped with LED surgical lights, which create pure cool bright white light with exceptional deep cavity illumination. They use one-thirds less energy and do not cause colour fringing. Each O.T has triple dome, each having LUX intensity of 1,60,000. The O.T Lights are equipped with camera head for recording cases.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

With this system Physicians can view diagnostic images on their desktop. The PACS network maintains the consistency of the Radiology Department and organises patient records. 

Patient Monitoring Systems

Critical Care Units and Operation Theatres are equipped with Philips IntelliVue patient monitors, which have Portal technology, a unique mechanism for personalized care. IntelliVue's highly configurable screens and clinical decision support tools clearly reflect clinical thought processes. These monitors collect, combine, and cross-reference physiological data to provide a coherent picture of patient status. 

Warmers and Incubators

The NICU is equipped with Lullaby Incubators and Warmers which have easy to read controls; they help maintain a soothing environment around the infant while medical care is administered. Lower noise levels, effective heat management and a built-in X-ray drawer and physical scale are some of the features of these medical devices.

Pathology Laboratory 

The Pathology Dept. is equipped with Fully Automated Machines right from Biochemistry Analyzer, 5 Part Cell Counter to Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer and many more. All the machines have bi-directional interface which facilitates smooth and timely process flow.

Central Sterile and Supply Department (CSSD)

The CSSD Dept. has very well planned zones having a uni-directional workflow thereby maintaining sterility and aiding infection control. The dept. is equipped with Automated washer disinfector, Micro Processor based Steam Sterilisers, ETO steriliser, sealing machine, etc. The dept. is equipped with dumb elevator which is utilized to deliver sterile material to O.T sterile store.

Computerized Navigation Technology

With advent of the Computerized Navigation Technology {Image Guided Surgery (IGS) Or Computer Assisted Surgery}, the field of E.N.T has stepped into a new era of technology driven high precision minimal access surgical super specialty. Besides enabling detailed pre-operative planning, it increases the precision and accuracy during the surgery and thereby decreasing the operative time and hospital stay.