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For Patients - Preparing for your Visit

It is important to learn about the Do's and Don'ts of a hospital visit.


  • Confirm your appointment a day prior to your visit.
  • Inpatients should bring a complete list of all medications you are taking(prescription and non-prescription) including eye drops, inhalers and supplements. You may also carry these bottles and containers with you to your first appointment, if needed.
  • Carry pertinent medical information and X-rays.
  • Bring your health insurance card and written authorisation of referral from your insurance provider.
  • If you have a living will or advance directive, you should carry it with you.
  • Provide the hospital with a list of emergency names and phone numbers.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, you may also carry something to keep you warm.
  • Remember your registration number, if you have been given one.
  • If you are visiting the hospital for an outpatient procedure, arrange for a responsible adult to take you home; you will not be allowed to drive after receiving sedatives or general anaesthesia
  • Always ask questions.


  • Do not carry jewellery or any valuables with you.
  • Do not smoke in and around the hospital premises.
  • Do not dress in formal attire, an exercise or treadmill test may be part of your evaluation.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash with you.
  • Do not bring video cameras or other recording devices into the hospital.