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For Patients - Testimonials

Altaf Khatri

I thank the security of Kohinoor hospital especially to Mr. Shatrughan Tamboli, for getting my wallet back due to his wisdom and swiftness. Thanks to Kohinoor hospital for nurturing the values and good behavior & ethics.

Priyanka Lohar (Relative of Patient)

I would like to thank Kohinoor hospital for giving the best quality treatment, specially to Dr. Deepak Shinde and Dr. Sharad Kolke for their valuable contribution in saving life of my father in law with their effective analysis and diagnosis. Else, he would never have been able to continue living a life of bliss.

The sensitivity and support of your fine staff helped us through that difficult time and we will never forget your kindness.

Nandita Rawat

She was admitted in the Emergency in the morning as she suffered some heart problem. The emergency took her immediately without any delay and provided all the necessary help. All the doctors and staff had been very alert in their duties. After sometime she was moved to ICU where very good care was taken by the staff and the doctors. All the necessary tests were done and proper treatment was given. I must say that the hospital is very caring, the staff is very soft spoken.

We are thankful to all the Doctors, Staff and others for their timely service. She is going back today happily.

Mrs. Smita Suryavanshi

I was admitted to the hospital for surgery. Experience with hospital was very good. Specially the nursing staff is very caring, attentive and do their duties with smiling face cleanliness is observed food is tasty.

Stephen Ambrose

I would like to state that all the staff right from Reception, Admission, TPA everyone was very helpful and kind nature. I am very pleased to have such service in the hospital where people come with all stress and anxiety. Consultant keep it up!

Mr. Anant Patil

We were impressed the most with the knowledge of all the treating specialists who could pinpoint system and accurately diagnose the ailment just moments after talking with us. Accuracy and care the nurses took ensured the treatments went off without a hitch.

Mr. Nicholas William Gomes

Our experience was extremely good and positive. The staff takes amazing care of each patient and we were made to feel the same with our comfort an absolute necessity in their minds. The nurses were fantastic in their care and timely with the different procedures as well.

Mr. Salim Abdul Sattar Shah

Hospital service was exemplary, the nurses and doctors treated us like family. Treatments and also all the medicine doses etc were given on time. The organization and execution of even simple activities like the lunch being on time was impressive and the care and attention I received helped a lot in my recovery.


Hemant Patel

I lost hearing when I was 21 and was unable to hear with even the most powerful hearing aid. I am immensely grateful to Kohinoor Hospital for helping me hear my name again.


Grateful parents of Farhaan Gauri

We are thankful to Kohinoor Hospital for helping our 13 month old son Master Farhaan Gauri hear his name. Even though he was hearing and speech impaired since birth, he can now hear with the implant.


Ms. Manisha Rale

A young female named Ms. Manisha Rale, aged 25 years was admitted to Kohinoor Hospital on complaints of acute pain in her left chest. Her diagnosis revealed severe complications in the aortic valve. Not wasting time, she was quickly operated for aortic valve replacements by Dr. Hemant Pathare & Dr. Deepak Shinde.

On the day of discharge, Ms. Manisha Rale said, “The diagnosis and treatment at Kohinoor Hospital was world-class. It was more than just the medical treatment. It was their human touch and care which moved me and helped me recover faster. I thank the doctors, nurses and the support staff for their constant attention. I would confidently recommend Kohinoor Hospital to everyone because they are the best.”