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Overseas Patients - Food and Dietary Services


Hospitals are not particularly known for the food they serve. But that isn’t true when we talk about Kohinoor Hospital. The hospital has taken special steps to create a system which meets the special dietary demands of overseas clients while not compromising with taste.

Strict Quality Control is a deeply imbibed quality at Kohinoor Hospital. The food is prepared in a hygienic environment and complies with high quality standards. Personalizing food to meet the both the nutritional and taste needs of overseas patients is a challenge that the F&B Services Dept. at Kohinoor Hospital overcomes day after day.

The F&B Services Dept. is one of the most important departments because it is their responsibility to make certain the food served meets the prescribed nutritional level. Our specialist doctors along with skilled and experienced dieticians chart out personalized diet plans to ensure that patients receive their daily intake of nutrition and enjoy what they eat too.