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Dengue Fever

What is it?

  • Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus.(Flavivirus)

How is it Caused

  • The viruses are transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.[Aedes Aegypti]
    • Usually breed in stagnant water
    • Usually active in dark or shaded places outdoors, but indoor activity is also possible
  • Mosquito usually transmits the disease by biting an infected person and then biting someone else. –An infected person cannot spread the infection directly to other persons (i.e. it is not a contagious disease).

How can I Identify?

  • Fever: continuous for 3 to 5 days
  • Severe headache
  • Painful limbs, joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, pain behind eyeballs
  • Rash appears on the 3rd to 4th day after onset.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Slight gum bleeding and nasal bleeding.
  • Extreme fatigue and depression may follow recovery.
  • In very rare cases, the condition may worsen into dengue hemorrhagic fever, leading to haemorrhage, shock or even death.

How can it be diagnosed?

  • URINE microscopic[hematuria ]
  • Virus isolation dengue Ig M Ig G .

What is the treatment?

  • Fluids replacement .
  • Antipyretics
  • Symptomatic
  • Prevention of dengue shock

What are it’s complication?

  • Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Dengue Shock Syndrome

Can I prevent it?

  • Environment control of mosquito
  • Personal prophylactic measures
  • Use of mosquito repellant creams, liquids , coils, mats etc.
  • Wearing of full sleeve shirts and full pant with socks
  • Use of mosquito nets for sleeping.
  • Management of roof tops by not allowing collection of rain water ,no storing tire or discard bottles.
  • Proper covering of stored water
  • Reliable water supply
  • Observation of weekly day to day by emptying water from containers and drying them nicely and then filling them.