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After much speculation concerning her pregnancy, Sharifa Sheikh delivered a healthy baby at Kohinoor Hospital on 31 July 2012. A feat widely dubbed as a miracle.

A resident of Kurla, Sharifa Sheikh couldn’t believe what she had heard; when the doctors told her she was pregnant. What marvels one and all is that in spite of her prevailing medical conditions and age, doctors at Kohinoor Hospital delivered a healthy baby safely.

Dialysis and pregnancy do not go well. And Sharifa Sheikh was on dialysis since 2010. From the moment doctors took her
under their care, they knew the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy. Examining her medical history, they classified her case as High Risk Pregnancy and were ever more cautious during observation and treatment.

Kohinoor Hospital went out of its way to help Sharifa come to terms with this pregnancy. Doctors closely monitored and examined her progress on a regular basis. Counseling sessions were organised at the hospital to clear doubts and prepare her for delivery.

Several factors increased Sharifaís chances of a safe delivery. To begin with, the doctors at Kohinoor Hospital are widely considered the best in the medical fraternity. Their expertise and proficiency went a long way in ensuring the good health of the mother and child.

The hospital also offers all advanced medical diagnostic facilities under one roof. This made it possible to run advanced tests and check for complications. It also made every patient visit comfortable as she didnít have to go to different healthcare centers for her medical tests. And letís not rule out the special care with which patients are treated at Kohinoor Hospital.

In a nutshell, access to world-class healthcare facilities greatly improved her chances of a successful pregnancy.
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