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   Health Zone - The Importance of Kidney Health
Kidney Disease - The Often Symptomless Health Condition

It takes years for the symptoms of kidney problem to develop and surface. Our kidneys perform many vital functions that help maintain overall health.

But if the blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, the kidneys will not cleanse the blood properly. With impaired kidney functions, the body retains more water and salt than it should, leading to weight gain.

Here are some common symptoms of kidney problem

Swelling around the face, eyes, feet and ankles
Pain or a burning sensation during urination
Frequent urination
Problems with bladder control
Blood in the urine

The Importance of Kidney Health

The kidneys are the filtering system of the body. They are responsible for cleaning the waste from the blood and flushing it out through urine. The kidneys are located in the lower back area, one on either side. Other functions are: regulating the production of red blood cells, controlling the balance of acid and even producing hormones such as erythropoietin.

Kidney disorders can be very serious. Some diseases might include, but are not limited to: nephritis, diabetes, hypertension, infection, kidney stones, lupus and erythematosus.

Some people might experience the following symptoms: headaches, backaches, painful urination, itching, burning, anemia, frequent urination, nausea, cramping, abnormal skin coloring.

Do you have diabetes? If you do, you are at a higher risk of developing kidney disease. The same is true if you have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or a close family member has kidney issues. In general, about seven of ten people with kidney disease have either diabetes or hypertension

Simple Tips to Optimise Kidney Health

There are many ways to optimise the functioning of the kidneys. The best way is through your diet. Supplements are good but eating certain foods is better and more absorbable for the body. Factoring in a certain amount of kidney friendly elements can significantly increase your body’s ability to take charge and fix problems, stones and diseases that are plaguing these important organs.

Cranberries are super foods for the filtering system. Whole cranberries, cranberry sauce and cranberry juice are very good to consume.
Pumpkins and fruits or vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A are a huge benefit.
Add basil to your cooking. Fresh basil chopped and added to salads, dishes or eaten with a little honey can help kidney functions.
Using your blender to create special juice concoctions is a very good way to access the vital nutrients in mass quantities. Leafy greens, fruits such as pomegranates, apples and figs can make a positive difference in kidney health.

Aside from all of this, water is essential to kidney health. A person needs to consistently consume water. This allows the kidneys to do their job easily. Adding a little Aloe Vera juice to your water can be an advantage to overall kidney health. At least ten glasses of water should be consumed, throughout the day. By using these measures along with taking a good multivitamin or kidney supplement, you can help optimise the functionality of your filtering system and significantly improve kidney health.

So, if you have one of these health conditions and your kidney test results didn’t look so good, there’s both good news and bad news to consider. First, the bad news - kidney disease does not typically go away. It won’t get better and over time it might even get worse. The good news is kidney disease can be treated. It’s not a condition that you have to sit back and watch happen to you; you can work up a treatment plan with your physician and help delay or prevent your kidneys from failing.

In case you are wondering, the two tests that help look for kidney disease are a blood test that checks something called the “glomerular filtration rate” or GFR, and a urine test that checks for a protein called albumin. The GFR result will tell your doctor how well your kidneys are filtering, and if you have albumin present in your urine, it’s an indication that your kidneys are damaged.

Just as you need to keep your pool filter clean and running smoothly to prevent algae from taking over your pool water, there are preventative steps you can take to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible.
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