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   About Us - Careers - Employee Engagement Program
A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Employees need time out, a break from their routine activities, that little something to freshen up minds and break the monotony of work. Kohinoor Hospital encourages its employees to participate in various employee engagement programs it conducts.

It gives employees a fresh perspective and opportunities to develop themselves while working together as a team. Kohinoor Hospital organises rewards and recognition programmes to appreciate and encourage exceptional performance from employees. A few of the regular activities we have are :

Baat Aapke Saath

Employees are the face of an organisation. They have their concerns and suggestions to share. To facilitate such interaction Kohinoor Hospital has come up with an open forum called Baat Aapke Saath. Every Saturday employees are welcome to discuss issues or give suggestions with the company HR.
Open Forum for the employees close to our Heart- Nurses Nightingales’ Meet

Nurses are the lifeline of a hospital. They continuously monitor the patient’s health, paying attention to every detail. Through this forum, nurses can directly talk with the Vice President of the organisation Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar, and discuss problems that affect them at work.

DHAMAAL - The Enthusiastic Work Place

Enthusiastic people brighten up the hospital and are passionate and dedicated to what they do. To keep the enthusiasm levels high Kohinoor Hospital organises different activities such as

New employee introduction
Birthday Bash
Employee of the Month
Informal Presentation by different departments
    Kohinoor Happy Hour

    During Happy Hour employees from different departments get to know each other better and participate in activities like teambuilding games, stress relieving exercises, meditation etc.
    Celebration of Festivals and Days

    Festivals spread happiness and bring people together. Grand celebrations complete with music, dance and other activities are organised during these days and events. Recreational activities are planned for special days like Nurses Day, Doctors Day and Women’s Day. Kohinoor Hospital also organises a month long Annual Day carnival which includes sporting events, dance, drama, singing and various competitions.
    Employee of the Month

    Recognition is an important factor that drives employees to perform better. At the end of every year Kohinoor Hospital recognises and rewards employees whose exemplary contribution has enabled it to create new benchmarks in healthcare.


    Kohinoor Hospital Sports Club

    Sporting activities are fun and keep the mind alert. Indoor and outdoor activities like carrom, badminton, table tennis, KHSC Challenger Cup etc are conducted so employees can strike a balance between work and play.
    Hobby Lobby

    Creativity brings us alive and lets us explore our talents. HOBBY LOBBY is a part of “DHAMAALThe Enthusiastic Work Place” and is an opportunity for employees to express their creativity through dance, drama, singing, mimicry, theatre, comedy, magic shows etc.
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